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(no subject) [Aug. 15th, 2005|10:43 pm]
[mood |in between reflective and non]
[music |Beethoven string quartet op. 135 IV]

WELL, I think it's time for an update.

I'll go backwards.

Today, Sunday, August 15, I drove downtown for the first time! And I watched the Christmas specials from BBC's The Office (my new favorite show, which is incredible). And I talked to some people online, which was really great.

Yesterday was Saturday and I honestly don't remember much. I think I watched The Office some more. Watch the office! It's bloody brilliant! It might be one of tv's greatest shows ever. Thank you Danny! It's available for rent at Pleasant St. but at the moment I have both seasons and the special out, so you'll have to wait. Or just come over and we can watch it together.

Please let me note here that I've been spending hours sitting near the computer speakers listening to classical music, specifically my BEAUTIFUL new recording of Beethoven's late string quartets by the Takacs Quartet. It's sublime. Beethoven is my new hero. And the Debussy and Ravel quartets. And some Shostakovich ones. I am now officially a music dork, if I wasn't enough of one before.

Friday Nell went to Greenwood, and I'm jealous.

Thursday I went to DASAC festival, which was really fun. I got to see friends and their art.

Wednesday and Tuesday can be summed up by the words "ed" and "driver's", but not in that order necessarily.

Monday was another music day. Well, they've all been music days. I also prepared duets with Nell for my cousin's wedding.

Sunday....oh Sunday. I returned on Sunday. And world premiered Luna Wolf's After the Wave. <--- crappy piece. Wait, oh yes, I was also at Greenwood. We performed Brahms' 4th symphony and Hayden's creation at church, where, among other things, I was required to stand against a wall and shout "Praise the Lord" as I turned around. P.S. I also won the best new male waiter award

Before then things are in a blur of snapshot pictures and sounds, to be poetic. I had a really great time at camp. It's too much to explain. I would give you stories, but it would sound too much like "this one time at band camp..." Because the stories are important to me. There was this one time, though, when we were pillow fighting and this kid got a reed stuck up his nose and we had to go to the emergency room. huh huhhu huh!!!!

(just kidding) I actually erased a riveting story and added that fake one, so if you want to hear the real one just ask me. And no it doesn't involve pillow fighting or reeds.

But seriously, I had an incredible time at Greenwood. The people are amazing, the place is unreal in its heavenliness, and the music truly changed me. Even if I can't be at Greenwood, I can have the music.

That being said...
Summer reading time!
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(no subject) [Mar. 4th, 2005|04:23 pm]
Stay Cool, Boy...Real Cool

(bwaahahahah this is my favorite new website that i just discovered)
p.s. speed it up when it slows down..haven't figured out why it does that.
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the stale taste of recycled air [Jan. 8th, 2005|09:39 pm]
[mood |numbnumb]
[music |Postal Service]

i like my new icon. it's way too corny/cheesy to be actually allowed, and it's kind of like "ooh he's trying to be arty." but yes. i am.

I'm going crazy with school, even though it's as easy as it will ever be for the rest of high school. I really have trouble getting through history every day. (Don't worry Simon, it's not about you. You're fabulous as always. Especially after giving me that poptart.) Yesterday I had a big orchestra west side story rehearsal....the music is INTENSE but awesome. At first it was kind of wooah and deb was kind of ARR but then she calmed down and after we stopped doing "Cool" it was better.

I just reread Harry Potter 3 and I've started 4. Harry Potter is seriously the best escape from the world IN the world. Number 6: July 16. Sweet. P.S. I also read a good book that I got for my birthday called The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time and I reccommend that you read it. Plus, no one has, and I want to talk to someone about it.

Speaking of my birthday oh so long ago, I got a MANDOLIN which was a complete and amazing surprise. It's named Mandy! ahhahahaahah.

So I've been sick twice in the past two weeks and I have a lingering cough now slash cold and I don't like it. However, it gave me ample time to watch the lord of the rings extended dvd movie and most of the extras. And let me tell you about it: it is amazing.

In conclusion, I miss my sister, and the Romans win the award of the day for best soap opera potential. We are watching a 13 hour documentary in latin about the history of 5 Roman emperors. And that's all we're doing for the rest of the semester. My sister is in college, and she's pretty much the only person I hung out with over vacation. We watched the entire first season of Gilmore Girls on dvd which she got as a christmas present. That was the most disconnected paragraph eeevvvveeerrr.

I Reallllly want to do something snow-wise. I can't ski or snowboard. So sledding/fort yes? Snow man? Snow ball fight?

P.S. I'm auditioning for Greenwood next month. I'm already nervous as car mah.
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squeak, squeaker squeakum..ah..squeaker [Dec. 12th, 2004|07:53 pm]
[mood |post-work insanity]
[music |bizarre unless you couldn't tell... oh wait this is the musi]

OH MY GOD i have been working on this lame final project for music theory for SO long and i'm being obsessive about it and i need to STOP. so this is where i turn. My weekend consisted of friday night, and otherwise i HAVEN"T lEFT THE HOUSE and i'm GOING INSANE. kjhdlgh. seriously. oh wait i went on the porch once to bring in our lovely x-mas tree. but that's it. i'm actually looking forward to school like double karma for once. plus musical auditions ! it's kind of lame that i get excited when i'm not even auditioning, but i'm excited to see who gets what part anyway.

observe my new icon, please. If you don't know who it is, you are a loser for life. well, i'll tell you. it's kronk from the emperor's new groove, which is prretty much the greatest movie ever. see it.

oh yeah friday night was pretty fun stuff. highlights include making REALLY awkward situations between bd and arrri (oh man! ARRRi like a pirate), seeing sophie h-r (as well as loads of other awesome people) at the flying wheel and making plans to hang out, singing along with amy y amigos (despite some unnecessarily violent freestyles by me), and yeah that's pretty much it.

another awesome thing: spending hours with my ears to the speakers on the computer meticulously transcribing George Winston's "Joy" into sheet music. It's one of the more satisfying things i've done recently, and it's such an amazing song. george winston is my inspiration for life.

i'm really in the mood to compose. how about: a piece for viola and piano! SWEET IDEA. okay i'm leaving to go do that!!!

(i'm in a better mood now)

OH MAN i forgot to tell youall (cool new word -- use the same emphasis as if you were saying "y'all" but actually say both words really fast) about how i ... well actually it's not that cool but it involved me acting drunk (though really i was just cracking up) and talking to this sketchy teen about how we both like drinking 40s. wait, i just told you. nevermind. (sketchy teen?! who says that?)
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all these wardarr sketchmuffins [Dec. 3rd, 2004|06:11 pm]
[mood |cyboric wooly mamoth]
[music |Brahm's String Quintet no 2. G minor 2nd movt i bet you care]

HEY. oh man. this is like the first time i've updated since obtober. hahaha. obtober. pretty much. Life is like a pretty sweet deal...an autoinsurance deal. your mom! i'll probably cut that part out of this entry.

The best things in my life right now are 1) anticipation of WEST SIDE STORY which is pretty much going to rock my universe for the next couple months. The only sucky part is that there isn't a viola part in the musical so i have to play violin. but whatev. I am ok with america. 2) Chamber music. it's pretty much owning every other class. 3) hmm cant' think of one but these things usually come in threes.

I really want to host a sweet board game party where everyone plays games like clue and sorry and LIFE and monopoly and this crazy game MYSTERY MANSION that i got when i was about 8 and i completely forget. Oh yeah speaking of what i want i don't want to play in the Vespers concertS sunday. yes, 2 of them. i have to be at jmg from 3 to 10 pm, with a 45 minute break. it pretty much sucks many levels of karma. oh yeah and i have rehearsal from 2:30 to 5 on saturday. SPEAKING of saturday .... Elliott Smith extravaganza! Ishke it started as a really small thing and suddenly it's being recorded for radio, reported for the school newspaper, and taped for a documentary. pretty much HOLY CRAP in an AMAZING way. Speaking of the Elliott Smith show I should probably go figure out my music for between the bars. Speaking of music I'm listening to Brahm's 2nd string quintet and it is cyboric like wooly mammoth. Speaking of wooly mammoth I have to go eat a cow. wait, i dont' eat red meat. i'm having frozen pizza.
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(no subject) [Oct. 26th, 2004|05:44 pm]
YO. What is up my lords and ladies? I'm having a lot of trouble coming up with a response to that. I have such a karmaload of work but i'm in a surprisingly good mood. Tomarrow I have a Halloween concert in orchestra where about a thousand kids come dressed in costume and we play scary music. PLus, we get to dress up. The viola section has decided to all be 50's/Greasers. It's pretty sweet, even though probably no kids will understand it. So if anyone has dharmaloads of gel they're willing to lend me, that'd be a sweet deal. Oh man I just realized I've been saying "sweet" a lot, and wouldn't it be cool to start a trend where everyone says that's really "sour" if something is eh. I mean I know it's a word, but how many times have you actually said it in your lifetime? that was a pretty lame idea.

I spent Sunday afternoon working and in between writing scary circus/clown music. That stuff owns. I've also come to the conclusion that Ms. Bitgood looks like she's posing for a Rennaissance painting whenever she stands outside her door. I think I need to learn how to do that. Oh yeah and I definitely agree with the my hair/tree sloth analogy. It's completely true. I've decided my hair has become a separate being over which I have no control. It evolves without my being aware, so that when, for instance, Richard says to me in the hall "your hair is turning orange!" i'm surprised. That's pretty cool, though.

I still don't know what I'm going to be for Halloween. Maybe I should be a lord so someone could say "what is up my lords and ladies?!" and it would actually make sense.
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blue..and...gold......blueandgold! [Oct. 7th, 2004|09:04 pm]
[mood |spacey]
[music |nada]

yo. I think i should just become the school mascot, because I went to both the parade AND the powderpuff game. or maybe half of it. it was kind of boring. so in other news i lost my family's brand new cellphone that we got yesterday. hahaaha. i'm so dumb sometimes. luckily it was free (some promotion deal). i still feel pretty awful. but if you see one hanging around or some sketchy kid calling long distance who has no reason to, pass the info over yonder.

other new things. new viola teacher = good. cookie break being able to play three songs = good. getting to dress up like radioactive spatula man on dress up day = awesome. being in this really weird/spacey mood all night is not so good. uh i think that's about it. oh yeah we're playing Night on Bald Mountain in orchestra and it's super cool (it's the scary one at the end in Fantasia).

ay caramba i'm tired. g'noctis
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(no subject) [Sep. 29th, 2004|04:49 pm]
[mood |tiredtired]
[music |G-Winston]

avast me hearties! i be talkin' like a scalliwag pirate in this entry. eh it's too difficult. I made up a new word. Take the word 'poser.' like, a kid who's a mad poser on his skateboard or with his keytar, and make it 'proser,' which means 'someone who writes prose.' i think it's wicked awesome. or should i say....warkid wickard. ahah. Shakespeare was a mad proser.

in other news....well, i kind of just wanted to get the word out on proser, so you could all start using it immediately, like you do with all my other creations / yeah. haegh

bass clarinet is an officially awesome instrument. it looks reeaaaally cool too.

my mom drove into one of the garage door when it was closed about 2 years ago, and we didn't get it fixed until now. the other one didn't really go up or down, either, so rock for having functional garage doors again. wHEAt.

what ever happened to the idea of starting an a capella group outside school? because i would still be up for that

oh yeah. come on saturday night to helen hills at 7:30, because danny mc is playing a concert (it's going to be fabulous) and i'm turning pages for his accompianist!! Ishke i'm worried i'm going to screw up and ruin everything. i've never done it before. eh well. it will be a party.

bye folks
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(no subject) [Sep. 26th, 2004|05:15 pm]
[mood |WARD but awesome]
[music |George Winston]

So um i got rediculously sick out of nowhere, and then I got rediculously better. It was kind of sketchy. Yesterday I didn't do anything except watch junk tv, sleep a load of karma, and watch kill bill 2 for the first time (=amazing. Anyone who can get out of being buried alive kicks some serious ass.). And then voila! I woke up today and was fine. Ward. Oh yeah, let me just advise you all to watch Debbie Travis's Painted House on HGTV. She just cracks me up. And it's wardarr cool. Designer Finals is also pretty cool.

School is good for the most part. The music theory reading is getting complicated to the max and it's kind of lost on me. but vateva. s'all good. Chamber Music is great. I'm playing in this fabuloso b-rahms string quintet. I think it's funny that when more than one person plays or sings together it's called "chamber" music or "chamber" choir. If you think about it, it's not that nice of a picture. Chamberrrr. arrr. History is great too. I realllly like mr. t. And latin is good as always. horray

We're playing Lord of the Rings and Pirates of the Carribean in orchestra. I was practically exploding during practice it was so amazing. bwahha

-Ben Folds is going to my sister's college and i'm jealous to the 'stream
-George Winston is coming to the calvin but i have orchestra and they're all mean about skipping.
-I should probably go work.
-I'm reading this book called Galileo's Daughter and it's really fascinating. Galileo get's mad k-points for inventing the telescope. (k points = karma points. they're good for your karma! i don't give props any more losers)
-I've received word from a certain band member that Cookie Break is an actual cookie company. Hahaha. Wait let me google it. HoLD ON! gosh. idiot
-Hmm I didn't find anything except some ward radio program for kids. it's not worth it to keep looking, though.
-I'm making a website called Mouthwash for Dessert.
-If you don't understand, you are obviously the biggest loser this planet has ever seen.
-JK Rowling.com is a very cool website
-It's interesting that I can find a lot more to write when I use bullets.

i'm really warded out by this entry. woah. I'm seriously desiring to make a movie about Pirates right now. That would be so larcious. OH MAN. I could film it in Zach's swimming pool. Pirates don't need oceans. The cool ones can pull off being pirates in small bodies of water. It takes a lot of work, though. You have to be prepared. Take the risk. Be a swimming pool pirate. call 1800-Go-Pirate. That reminded me of those army commercials. Oooh the title could be Clorinated Pirates: The Curse of the Water Filter. The drama is overwhelming me to the 'stream.uk. AGH i'm warding myself out . i hsould definitely stop typing now. this paragraph is too long. no one will be reading it by now. This is, like, the rules of livejournalism. (Okay, i took that from mean girls. no i've only seen it once.)
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What is up my lords and ladies? [Sep. 20th, 2004|05:36 pm]
[mood |floopy]
[music |Stick it to Dolores - Harry and the Potters]

Hey!! It's been longg, friends. First and foremost. Let me direct you to my choice of music. Yes, they are called Harry and the Potters and their website is www.eskimolabs.com/hp. They are the best. Serious. ly. I think i'm going to buy one of their albums.

oh my god you look like a frog!
oh my god you look like a frog!
oh my god you look like a frog!
oh my god you look like a frog!
umbridge you're going down
umbridge you're going down
umbridge you're going down
umbridge you're going down
umbridge we're taking you down

you know they're hot. Listen to Save Ginny Weasely too. That one's my favorite (are you petrified of being petrified?) ahahahaaha. they are the best ever. Cookie Break is becoming Harry and the Potters Break. yeah. basically that's how it's going to down. ahhhh i can't get over how much they own! don't try to deny it, all you non harry potter losers.

uhh so otherwise things are just peachy. school is good for the most part. my work load is pretty light, which i absolutely adore. horray for slacker classes.

uhh well. i don't know. i think i'm going to keep this one on the dl, but i have an inkling of what the musical is going to be. i've received a few signs from le deb coon ...and uhh...that's all i'm going to say. don't hate me if i'm wrong. bwahhaahahaha i hope that will start ruuumooorrsss. well i haven't exactly told you anything. okay. it's the full montey, guys. really.

naw, i'm just playin'. ignore that last paragraph. that was dumb. i'll probably leave it there anyways, though.


AHH they own like no other! i can't get over it. their album was recorded in their living room.

maybe we should do a star wars cover band, cookie break members

C3P0. Oh man don't you kknoowww
He's gonna save the universe
A shiny metal translator
(Naw he's not a hater)
Out to break Vaderr'sss currse

that was awful and i'm leaving.
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